Personal Letters

Each individual will write separate 3 letters in this section –1 to a future COM 2410 student, 1 to Alex( the name of my teacher) , and 1 to my future self. Please read the descriptions for each letter and write 2 pages per letter. Spelling and grammar count. You will be graded individually on this section. Please type and 2.0 space your letters.

Letter #1

“DEAR FUTURE COM 2410 STUDENT” Message: (Address this to a future COM 2410 student)- In the “Dear Future COM 2410 Student” letter, you will take the role of an experienced small group communicator that has been through the ropes. Give them advice on how to be an excellent group member. (You already know they won’t have extra time laying around, so skip past advice on trying to find time that doesn’t exist, since we all know it doesn’t exist!) Rather, go for quality communication advice!
A. 2-3 DO’s for being a team player. What should the new COM 2410 student DO/Demonstrate to their group members? Be specific.
B. 2-3 DON’T’s for being a team player. What should the new COM 2410 student NOT DO/Demonstrate to their group members? Be specific.
C. One idea about working in groups you came in with that changed as a result of being in this class. Explain.
D. The #1 skill/theory/technique you think they should really pay attention to and why. Be specific.
E. Advice for how group members can stay in touch outside of class. 2-3 suggestions. Be specific.

Letter #2

“DEAR ALEX” Message: In this letter, you will write to me, Alex, and tell me about your experience in the class.
A. The #1 BEST thing I did in this class that helped you. Be specific.
B. What could I do better? What material do you wish we had talked about but we didn’t.
C. Hypothetically, if you were FORCED to join a different group in this class, which group would you have been okay joining? Why? (You are required to answer this question even if you loved your group. Remember, it’s hypothetical!)
D. What you learned about systems theory as it pertains to groups. Be specific.
E. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about your experience in this class?

Letter #3


(Address this to your future self)- In the “Dear Future Me” letter, you will address what you learned about working in groups – the successes and challenges – that you will apply to your future.
A. How group/teamwork will be a part of your future career work. Be specific.
B. 2-3 specific things you will do when leading groups/teams in order to help them be successful. Be specific.
C. The hardest/most challenging aspect of this course/your group and how to overcome a similar frustrating situation in future groups.
D. What you will do when brainstorming in future situations. Be specific. Tell me your thinking.
E. Find (or write) a positive teamwork quote that embodies your philosophy of teamwork

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