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Personal Leadership Style Self Assesment

Personal Leadership Style Self Assesment
Paper details:

Please complete The Healthcare Leadership Model (NHS) Leadership Competency Assessment. This is a personal assessment of where you are. Your results are not recorded or saved so be sure to print out your results for your records. You will be using your results again in Module 8 so be sure to save your results where you can find them again. Be honest as you answer the questions. Do you have the competencies necessary to be a strong leader? What opportunities for self improvement have you identified?

Once you have completed your self- assessment, take your results and compare them to the AONE Nurse Executive Competencies. Then ask yourself:

Are there significant differences between your self assessment findings and the AONE Nurse Executive Competencies?
What are your nurse executive strengths?
What specific competencies do you see as needing some attention by you to better serve the stakeholders you work with or aspire to work with?
Are you prepared to successfully lead your department, unit, or facility to meet the strategic goals over the next 5 years?
For your initial response, be sure to answer the above questions.

Students are expected to participate in academic conversations with peers and faculty to generate scholarly dialogue. Expectations for participation in the course discussions are described under the Discussion Rubric: Critical Analysis (ways of knowing) and Engagement (interactions) when relating your experiences, opinions, viewpoints, and ideas supported by evidence.

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