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Performing Arts’ Contribution towards Oral Language Skill Development

Greenfader, Brouillette & Farkas (2014) explore the development of oral language skills in young English Learners. According to statistics, the number of children born to non-English speaking parents within the United States has decreased. However, children belonging to non-English speaking homes makeover 20% of students. The study hypothesizes that the use of performing arts, non-verbal communication such as gestures and social networking, are contributory influencing factors towards the development of oral skills in young learners. I, however, disagree since gestures have a negligent contribution in oral skills compared to verbal communication.
I support the findings of the study , which show that students with high levels of social interaction with English speakers develop faster and better oral language skills compared to those who do not. The relevance of these findings, towards the improvement of the education system, is invaluable. Institutions and instructors could amend their teaching methods to include performing arts and social interaction to improve English learning.

Effects of Home Literacy Environments on children’s reading skills

Van Bergen, Van Zuijen, Bishop & De Jong (2017) identify the home literacy components as parents’ reading skills, number of reading materials available at home, and genetic relations between parents and children. Much like the afore-discussed article, the first two aspects explore the influence of social relations on the reading skills of children. In contrast, however, the authors find that the parents’ literacy level may have little correlation to a child’s reading ability beyond their level of literacy.

I concur that children are capable of learning beyond what their parents know.
However, the study attributes the hereditability of genetic reading predispositions as a profoundly influencing factor. For instance, parents with dyslexia could pass it on to their children. Further, the availability of reading materials within the home also has significant influence on children’s reading skills.

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