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Performance Analysis


You are required to attend the musical, Urinetown and write a critical performance analysis response. The focus of the paper will be on the acting. You will choose one to three performances to focus on. Think about the following:

· Is the actor’s performance as a character believable?

· Is the performance compelling?

· Does the actor have the necessary skills to deliver a competent performance? Musicals require a different set of skills than a straight play. The type of theatre space will require different demands on the actor.

· How does the actor connect with the other characters in the play or musical? 

Remember that all of the actors in this production are students and are at different levels of their training (like you!). Be respectful.

In your review, you should use the language learned in class and the textbook. Some examples are the difference between “actor” and “character” in addition to appropriate descriptive language specific to acting.

The paper is worth 20 points

Directions for Writing the Analysis:

Keep your program so that you will have the names of the characters and the actors, the director, and the designers. 

The paper is going to be written in MLA formatting. MLA formatting includes the following:

1. Typed.

2. Double-spaced.

3. Choose an easily readable font.

4. Play titles are italicized when used in your writing. (Example: Urinetown)

5. Paper is left justified.

6. Margins are 1” on all sides: top, bottom, left and right.

7. Pages are numbered.

8. The following information must appear in the upper left- hand corner: 1) your name; 2) TA 5; 3) date; 4) play title. 

Your writing should be in an ESSAY format with complete sentences and paragraph structure as well as correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Use Spell Check but you also must proof read your work for correctness 

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