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Penetration Test Proposal

In the Final Penetration Test Proposal Template, add previous submissions, make updates and corrections
based on the feedback received from your instructor, and add the Maintaining Access and Covering Your
Tracks plans.
So, your final proposal will include the following components:
Rules of Engagement (from Deliverable 1)
Reconnaissance Plan (from Deliverable 2)
Scanning Plan (from Deliverable 2)
Gaining Access Plan (from Deliverable 3)
Maintaining Access Plan (New)
Covering Your Tracks Plan (New)
Gaining Acces Plan was missing Areas to add are documentation, controls, and monitoring. Remember, the
organization has controls in place and they should be monitoring them. How will what you do affect those
policies, processes, and procedures? Some may expose your pentesting methods.
Please use the Final Penetration Test Proposal template.
Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)