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The registered nurse has completed a well-baby assessment of an 18-month-old. Which assessment findings prompted the nurse to make a referral for a formal developmental screening test?

1. Cannot climb steps by self, pulls a toy, turns the pages of a book
2. Is bottle fed, can hold a spoon, creeps down stairs
3. Throws a ball, is able to point to 2 or 3 body parts, cannot draw a picture
4. Uses 2 words, cannot hold a cup, can seat self in a small chair

A. State your rationale.
B. Include developmental milestones of toddlers (12 months, 18 months, 2, 3, 4, and years). You must include gross motor, fine motor, language, and cognitive development.
C. Expand on Piaget’s developmental stages and their characteristics from infant to adolescent age.
D. Include Erickson stages of psychosocial development and their characteristics.