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Pathogen Profile

Research a topic of personal interest and clinical significance. Students should use
microbiology journals (online), the textbook, and Internet resources. A minimum of 5 sources must be
used and correctly referenced in the works cited. Two objectives will be analyzed or critiqued as a
result of this research.
1. A 3 – 5 page research paper. NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES! (20pts – see rubric for scoring)
2. A critical analysis of techniques, procedures, laws, regulations, R & D drug development that
would prevent, limit, or control the pathogen of interest. This must be novel developed by
the student! There are not correct of incorrect answers for this objective. The critical
thinking and independent thought process of the student will be evaluated. (5 points)
Note: There will be ZERO tolerance for plagiarism.
APA style should be used throughout and especially in citing references at the end of the paper. There
are many on-line sites such as those below giving information on the use of APA style.
Research Topics Microbiology
West Nile Virus
Clostridium difficile
Bordetella pertussis
Esherichia coli 0104:H4
Prion Diseases (TSE’s) Transmissible Spongiform
Malaria (and all associated pathogens)
Ebola/Marburg (Hemorrhagic Fever)