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Parties & The Rules

Imagine you’re the leader of a governing party in an advanced democracy and you’d like to keep your party in power for the next few years, at least. What one rule / law would you most want to have in place to give your party the best chance of winning the next election? Why?

NB: This isn’t a policy choice, e.g. “I’d want to promote [popular policy],” but a specific type of rule or law that affects voting and/or elections, e.g. laws about who can vote and rules about election timing.

In your answer:
Explain any assumptions you’re making, if applicable (e.g. that you’re assuming you’re the leader of party A or in country B)
-Draw on the 2 readings attached as files.
-Discuss at least one example from an advanced democracy that either illustrates the law / rule you’d like to have in place or a rule you’d like to avoid
At the end of your response, if you use news stories, include links to the news stories you used as sources; full citations aren’t needed. The news sources should be appropriate for scholarly work and the stories should be hard news, not opinion pieces.
For your reference, examples of advanced democracies: The U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and countries in Western Europe (including Iceland, Finland, etc., but not including any of the former Soviet Bloc countries like Poland or the Czech Republic).