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Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons Disease

Order Description
A. Describe the pathophysiology of the disease process. This should be covered on a cellular, organ and general body system level. (e.g. how are particular cells affected by the disease process or during the course of the disease? How is the body affected overall? What systems become affected? What bodily changes may be seen? etc.)

B. List and explain pharmacological treatments and their effects.

The requirements for question A are as follows;
accurate and detailed description and explanation of the pathophysiology of the disease process. The link between the pathophysiology and the manifestations (or signs and symptoms) of the disease is explained in detail.

And the requirements for question B are as follows;
At least 5 pharmacological treatment options have been explained. A high level of understanding of treatments has been shown. Evidence based rationales for treatment regimens have been given clearly and accurately. Accurate and detailed description, explanation and understanding of pharmacodynamics has been displayed.

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