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Parents and lessons the myth teaches

Talks about parents and lessons the myth teaches, but in a completely unorganized way. It is lacking in a short and concise summary
and analysis that is relevant and makes sense. When reading, it continuously confuses the reader. It contains
no quotes from the text to back up any claims that are made and is repetitive.
and also read this part:
Rewrite your essay from the ground up, making big, structural changes as needed, and improving every single
aspect of your essay, far beyond only what I have written.
After you finish rewriting it, answer some questions (you can add these answers to the end of your essay, after
the Works Cited page).
What was the strongest aspect of your essay before the rewrite?
What is the strongest aspect of your essay now?
Which comment or comments on your essay were most helpful to you and why?
What changes did you make beyond responding to my comments and why did you make those changes?
What did you learn from this process that you will use when writing in the future?