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“parable of the Sower”by Octavia E. Butler.

“parable of the Sower”by Octavia E. Butler.3 scenes from begining middle and end?explain?
Reading as linear temporality(movement through time and space).
Topic: what general issues ideas concepts or relationship are raised by the texts in question?
What is a community? How does a community reflect certain individuals with a shared set of idetities or beliefs?how does a community deal with differences among its members?how does a community define?who is in and who is outside the community?how does a community represent ideas of place/space as well as time?all these questions are explored through the (largely unconscious)use of signs.
Signs are composed of signifier and signifieds.
The relationship (of things to meaning) can be retain over time or it can change .
As community change so do the signs by which that community maintains itself ,as well as the specific relationship between the things .Used as sings (signifier)and the different meaning that are or can be associated with these signifiers.[these are issues or ideas that are explored in Octavia butlers novel ”Parable of the sower”]
Genre science fiction novel
Lauren Olamina use her last name
How she communicate?why?when
Major characters
Setting:where it take place?
Plot:what happens?
Theme:”Earthseed” what does this all information means.
Earthseed how this word is working as a sign a signifier and possible signifieds through the book?
How the creation of Earthseed as a sign important to Lauren’s attempt to create a community that is different or distinct from that created by her father, me that ultimately was destroyed?
A scene is a specific location in the text where there is a clean mity of characters ,setting,plot and theme.
Explain 3 most important scenes in the book scene from begining from middle and from the end so i know you read the book?
1)analysis – Reatate the thesis?
This is very important paper for me please help and these are things above that my proffesor wants me to explain

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