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Outline operations plan

The outline operations plan should be 6,000 + words and be contributed to by each member of the group.
The plan should be built up in MS Word or Google Docs and each member of the group must contribute
their own content and modify other’s content to ensure a good workable consistent plan is produced.
The plan should look at the following aspects:
1. The overall operations strategy
2. Process design including the network of suppliers (to meet your new expanded needs.
(Remember you are going to try to bring the operation into the 21st century)
3. The location of the facility(s) to be built
4. The capacity planning of the facility (current capacity needs and future expansion
5. Inventory management strategies
6. Forecasting and demand management strategies (you may need to research this)
7. Budgeting/costing
8. Logistics and transport
9. Quality issues and quality improvement
10. Risk management and risk mitigation strategies
11. Sustainability issues of the whole value chain
12. Business ethics/CSR this may include traceability/provenance of products
13. International Market entry strategies – look at the impact of trying to sell your products to
your near neighbours in the region (Asean) and other parts of the world such as the
developed economies of Europe and USA.
Each section should outline a number of options based on academic theory and critically analyse
these leading to your recommendation explaining why the alternatives were rejected (supported by
academic literature and properly referenced in the Harvard style).