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Our Families – Singlehood and Other Options

First watch the following video (26 minutes) looking at singlehood, cohabitation, and same-sex relationships. Then answer the questions listed below in a two-page answer.
Video: Our Families – Singlehood and Other Options (2015) (Copy and paste the following URL into your favorite search engine to watch this video – you may need to log into your MyTCC account).
Describe the diversity of singles. Explain who lives alone and why including two of the theories of why more people are single today. Define and reference terms/concept/or theories you discuss.
Explain why cohabitation has increased. What are some benefits and costs to cohabitation?
How are same-sex and heterosexual couples’ stresses similar? How do they differ? Research the idea of church vs. state and give 2 examples of how our founding constitution deals with issues of church vs. state when it comes to marriage and families?