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Organizational Management System: Freeman-Brown Private School (FBPS)



Freeman-Brown Private School (FBPS)

Different organizations interact differently with the outside atmosphere through an open system and complex adaptive system. Open system organizations interact with the external environment through the input and output mechanisms. Organizations that choose the complex adaptive system may consist of several small systems that cooperate to react to the changes in the external environment. In the case of FBPS at the time of its closure, its open system was ineffective because the institution was not sympathetic to their stakeholders. It ignored the wishes of the kids and the parents while trying to perform a closed system. It also never considered the welfare of its clients and the after effect of their decision on the other stakeholders. FBPS was also ineffective as a complex adaptive system because its continuity was under siege. The various units of management in the organization were not communicating with one another in the interest of achieving the organization’s objectives. Complex adaptive system requires an organization to employ proper skills of communication between units of management within the organization that are working independently  for effective management of conflicts that arise in complex operating environment such as education institutions.

At the time of closure, the organizational climate of FBPS was insensitive to the objectives of the organization. It forgot the welfare of the learners and decided to put their interest first which was contrary to the goals of education institution. This also displayed the school management weaknesses. The FBPS management lacked planning function of management as their decisions were abruptly and lacked organization. Also the internal environment of the FBPS organization instigated a poor working relationship between the various levels of management, which contributed to the faulting of its goals. Besides, the organizational culture after the merger was very complicated. The objectivity of FBPS was totally different from the objectivity of Caudill organization. This complicated the situation of FBPS more as they tried to change the name of the school without even notifying the parents of their intentions. The different factors in the FBPS organization lacked effective communication strategy with each other for the general interest of the company. Communication is very important in organizations especially those ones operating in complex scenarios such as education.

The process that was taken by Dr. Murphy and Caudill to close up the FBPS’s campuses were insensitive to different groups of people who relied on the organization for different needs. The whole process of campuses closure lacked the social responsibility aspect in it. The decision negatively affected many people including learners and employees who relied on the organization. The closure of the institution came at a time when most schools had closed intake of new learners into their institutions as well as hiring of new employees into the institution. This meant that employees from FBPS had to be jobless the whole year before securing another job with one of the private schools. All the employees who worked for the organization became jobless after its closure. Also the learners were to be at home the whole year without going to school. The students and their parents were forced to enroll in other schools which had a financial implication on the affected parents. Most of the parents had paid school fees for their kids in the school for the whole year and were not ready for happenings of closing the school. The school fee was not refunded to the affected parents putting them in financial constraints.

There are various theories the FBPS management could have adopted to close the organization without affecting the stakeholders. According, to the administrative management theory, the administration should have formalized the discussion on the closure by involving the various stakeholders. They should have gathered their various opinions through the management structure. Once they have considered views and opinions from the parents and other stakeholders FBPS would weigh the better options of closing down the institution. Communication is a key aspect in management especially for the organization operating on complicated environments that are easily affected by external factors. The FBPS should have considered discussion before making decisions on such important issues affecting the welfare of many people. According to the human relations management theory, the management board of FBPS should have paid much attention to the interest of all stakeholders. Through consultation, they should have engaged them and informed them before the closure of the organization. It was essential for the board to explain the circumstances under which they were forced to close the schools than to leave them in the dark without knowing reasons of closing the school. And therefore, all the stakeholders would have had an opportunity to prepare on how to adjust to the changes. However, it is seen that the closure came as a surprise to students, parents, and employees of the organizations not knowing what to do at that particular time. By use of the scientific management approach, the board should have considered the economic efficiency of this decision. Therefore, they should have pursued specific experimental procedures to establish how efficient the decision to close up the institution was.  Through systematic methods, it was important for the organization to consider the effect of its choice on the various stakeholders. After much consideration, I believe it could have been better for them to demonstrate a better form of social responsibility to the affected stakeholders. Maybe they should have collaborated with a different institution to enroll the students and employ some of its employees.

My short term goal for FBPS would be to reopen the closed campuses and ensure they are fully operational. My long term goal would be to ensure the organization has a reliable management structure that works for the general interest of the organization. This is because; FBPS was an essential institution in the society which was trusted by many stakeholders for education, employment, and general welfare of the children. Its inexistence has brought more challenges to the vast population that relied on it. Moreover, the organization needs a cohesive and robust management structure that can ensure both the external and internal environment of the organization work together to achieve the set goals.

In conclusion, FBPS requires a well-organized and a strong management structure to revamp and take it to its original status of success. And this can only happen by effectively applying the four functions of management as follows: firstly, planning is a key function in management. FBPS management teams need to plan well and plan for the future of the school early. Planning includes budgeting in advance by identifying financial sources for the expected expenses and forecasting expected profits. Also planning includes preparing in advance of measures to take in case of a problem such as change of state policies. The fundamental roles of management for FBPS are planning, which demands it to set organizational goals and decide on the way to achieve it. After they have set the goals, the management needs to organize human and other resources for proper coordination to achieve the set goals. Through a well-planned structure of events and activities, FBPS will be able to regain stability in terms of its success to achieve more. Secondly, FBP’s management should organize its human and material resources to work as a team to achieve the set targets. Organizing involves identifying roles and duties to be performed and assigning the relevant personnel to it. This function of management is important since it gets things working as a team to achieve a common goal. FBP’S management lacked the organization aspect of management as there was poor a broken system of communication both within the organization and outside. Organizing as one of the key roles of management requires effective communication among the different departments of an organization for it to be effect. Thirdly, FBP’s management should effect in directing the organization. Directing is one of the key roles of management. It involves elements such as leadership, motivation of employees, supervision and proper communication. FBPS management should employ proper channels of communication between the subordinate staff and executive for proper management of the organization. Management should give clear instructions and guide to the staff and identify the best ways possible to supervise the assigned work.  FBPS’s management should create a positive attitude among its employees to work towards achieving a common goal through the objective of efficiency and effectiveness. Lastly, FBPS management must deliberate on their controlling function by establishing measures to monitor the progress of the organization towards achieving its objectives and goals. Also the function of controlling involves setting ways of correcting the process in case things go the opposite direction of the plan. This can be achieved through establishing standards of performance and measuring the performance with predetermined standards by management. All these four functions of management are highly interrelated and need a well understanding by the management team to be effective and achieve set goals. Therefore, with all these four functions of management in consideration, the FBPS will revamp and attain the highest standards achievement through well organized and active management.



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