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Organizational Dynamic Problems – Under Armour

Organizational Dynamic Problems – Under Armour

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use the book:
Title: MSA 601: Organizational Dynamics (Custom Text for CMU) Author: CMU
Edition: 5th
ISBN: 978-1-259-13695-5
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

You will be responsible for a presentation that will be posted on the discussion board. It can be a Power Point presentation, a paper, web page, Real Audio, or other approach. (sample posted in week one assignments) There are three objectives to this presentation.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the material in the text and on the net.
Demonstrate your ability to work with ambiguity and be creative.
Demonstrate your ability to work together as a team.
You are responsible for making a presentation to an organization that is just going into business or already exists. This particular organization has hired you as a consultant to put together a plan that defines how they can more effectively manage the organizational behavior in their company. Choose one or more individual, interpersonal, group/team or organizational dynamic themes for your focus. Be sure to include one or more organizational theories that strengthen this presentation. If you are successful in your presentation, youmay get a long-term contract with this organization, and that could be worth big bucks…

FINAL PROJECT- Important points to remember:

You need to create an imaginary company or use an existing company as your customer.
Use the textbook and any other sources of information.
Be creative and involve the customers (i.e. the class).
You will be graded on: presentation, creativity, content and context development (5 is excellent; 4 is good; 3 is fair; 2 poor; 1 is very poor; 5 is the top score in each category).(Total 20 pts)
Five points will be reserved for your class participation in commenting and providing feedback on your class mates works (

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