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Organizational change and ethics

1 )Reflect on everything you’ve learned up to this point. Choose one OD solution to manage change in community and corporate settings, and form an argument for how and why it is the most important technique to ensure a smooth transition during times of change. In debate format, each person will form his/her own opening argument, rebuttal, and closing statement. Your instructor may contribute to the debate to facilitate conversation and encourage deeper analysis.
The following are three examples of techniques to ensure a smooth transition during times of change. You may choose to debate in favor of one or you may choose your own.

  1. The organization sets aside a mandatory budget for employee training.
  2. The organization decides there will be a four day work week; therefore, employees might be required to work longer days from Monday through Thursday, or they might be required to be available by phone for extended hours from Monday through Thursday.
  3. The organization decides to offer employee incentives, such as internal promotions or breakfast once a week.


Pick number 1 as it is the easiest to help transition and change



2)dialogue with your peers on the importance of ethics when it comes to managing change in an organization and the solutions that are provided.

These will give some example of ethical considerations that must be taken into consideration use them as reference to write response


Seperate answers 400 words each

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