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Organizational Behavior & Effectiveness

Read the article, Student Writing Guide in your Start Here folder.
Although some subjectivity is expected in what you write, what you talk about must encompass the issues that are in the writing assignment. The language you use should incorporate relevant concepts, terms, and references to business that you are learning in this course and have learned in your previous business courses to help ‘make logical sense’ about what you are expressing.
Writing Assignment Overview: Conflict Management
Learning how to handle conflict efficiently is a necessary skill for anyone in management and the key to preventing it from hindering employees’ professional growth.
You were cc’d in an exchange of e-mails between two employees that seemed to have escalated to a point where it was obvious that a conflict exists. Initially, you chose not to be involved hoping that the conflict would resolve itself after a few e-mails. Unfortunately, the more e-mails were exchanged, the more the conflict grew and you felt that it is time for you to step in to try to resolve the issue.
This is what you must do:
Write an e-mail to both employees acknowledging the difference in opinion and express the need for a face to face meeting to address the conflict. Consider both parties and be sensitive to their needs.
• Suggested length: 1 page. Line spacing: 1.5 inches.
• Review the Student Writing Guide that is in the Start Here folder.
• Peruse your textbook for information in various chapters that might illuminate ideas about what
• to say in your letter.
• Where appropriate, use an outline style to discuss things that are related to a main topic instead of bunching them in a wordy paragraph. Above all, do not write in a rambling, incoherent way.
• Review the article, How to Write in a Business Format that is located in the INSIGHTS folder on the Content page.
Research information about conflicts and conflict management in Chapters 10, 11 and 13 for additional information when writing this letter. Write from a Manager’s perspective.