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Organization Teaching Exemplar Critiques

What type of health promotion teaching best fits your organizational needs

What are causal factors?

How can one identify areas to target for intervention.

Create an Educational Plan tailored to your particular target population

Which is the appropriate theory and the educational method for planning a health education program?

Examine the concepts of health, disease, health promotion and disease prevention.

Explore professional organizations and web sites which partner and provide resources for health promotion and disease prevention.

Compare and contrast major theoretical foundations to promote health, wellness and prevent disease.

Examine health promotion strategies targeting the prevention of chronic disease.

Synthesize broad ecological, global and social determinants of health; principles of genetics and genomics; and epidemiologic data to design and deliver evidence-based, culturally relevant clinical prevention interventions and strategies.

Design patient-centered and culturally responsive strategies in the delivery of clinical prevention and health promotion interventions and/or services to individuals, families, communities, and aggregates/clinical populations and individual work settings.

Advance equitable and efficient prevention services.

Explain ways that promote effective population-based health policy.

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