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organization chart

organization chart

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Choose an organization with which you are familiar. Using Word, PowerPoint or a drawing program, prepare an organizational chart for the organization, showing the major positions from the chief executive officer down. If there are many positions at the bottom of the chart, you may combine them. For example, in a school there may be many teachers. On your chart, you may designate where they are in the hierarchy, but you do not need to name every one.
In addition to the description of organization chart technique using MS Publisher, described in the article listed in OTHER REQUIRED CONTENT, above, there are many free templates that can be used with Word, PowerPoint and drawing programs. Following are links to three: (for Windows PCs only) (works with Excel) (works with PowerPoint)
In Word (or some other compatible word processor), describe the organization’s structure and how that structure aids it in accomplishing its strategies.

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