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Operations Management

1. Choose an organisation you are interested in.
Identify the name of the organisation and its products or services
(5% word count)
2. In the form of a literature review
Explore the subject of sustainability describing initiatives of good practice and organisations who are known to be the exemplary practitioners
Explain the justification for adopting a sustainability strategy. Why is it important to the environment. Why is important to the exemplary organisation?
What are the potential benefits of adoption? What would be the effect of not adopting? (50% word count)

3. Consider your chosen organisation
Select one Sustainability initiative you would like the organisation to adopt.
Describe why you would like to see the organisation adopting that initiative.
Explain what would be the benefits to your chosen organisation of adopting the initiative. What would be the type of costs the organisation would have to meet in order to introduce the initiative.
(30% word count)
4. Looking to the future
Choose one Sustainability initiative that is of interest to you. Give a forecast of how you think it might develop in the future.
(15% word count)

Target word-count 2500 words +/- 10%
It is important that students properly research this assignment and provide accurate and appropriate referencing. As a rough guide, a student should provide a minimum of 6 appropriate references to support the work, the age of the texts should be mainly less than ten years old and the Harvard Referencing style should be used.

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