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Operation Pan and Product or Service Development Plan

Operation Pan and Product or Service Development PlanOrder Description
This final Business Plan is comprised of the revisions of all previously submitted sections as well as additional information that is appropriate to your unique New Venture Project, including the final three sections described by Barringer: the Management Team and Company Structure, the Operations Plan and Product/Service Development Plan, Financial Projections This document represents the culmination of your learning experience within the MBA program. It encompasses ideas gleaned from all areas of your coursework, collaborative efforts, and independent research/study. The Business Plan is designed to demonstrate your ability to make educated decisions concerning all key issues related to starting a new business venture, and should include information on both business factors (such as funding mechanisms, market considerations, competitive analysis, pricing strategies, etc.) and management concerns (such as leadership, ethics, human resources, communications, etc.). My portion on the paper is focused on Marketing Analysis and Competitive Environment. Use the paper, powerpoint slide and chapter to create the paper.

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