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operation management

operation management
Assessment Task 1: Individual Report

1) Assessment Details

You have the choice of selecting one of the two topics for this assignment. For the organisation which employs you (or your last employer but not the same organisation which features in the group research project below).
Topic 1. Choose a well-known organization (or an organization for which you can easily access relevant information).
a) Identify its business objectives and strategy (perhaps as stated in its mission statement).

b) Identify its operations strategy by analyzing its actions in the key decision areas of structure and infrastructure.

c) Identify its operations performance objectives. (e.g. cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility).) What are the organization’s competitive priorities? Assess its internal consistency and its contribution to the organization’s competitive advantage.

d) What are the biggest operations management challenges for the organization? What advice would you give to the organization regarding its operations strategy in the future?

Note: PleaseDO NOTanswer these questions directly. Rather, use these questions to help guide your thinking as to what issues may be relevant in the case.
BUMGT6935 Marking Guide – Assessment Task 1 (Topic 1)

Individual written report (20%)

Student Name:

Marking Criteria
Very Poor
Very Good

Executive Summary

Introduction to the organisation
1 point

1 point

Clear identification of the organization’s business objectives and operations strategy.

Good understanding the relationship between operations and strategy and criteria for evaluating operations strategy

Thorough evaluation and prioritization operations performance objectives

Applied relevant framework/theory in assessing the organization’s internal consistency and its contribution to competitive advantage

Clear identification of the organization’s operations challenges;
Well justified and convincing advice to the organization’s future operations management

2 points

3 points


3 points


Appropriate Academic written skills

Presentation and layout

2 points

1 point

Total mark (20)
Mark at

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