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One Mass Market

A visual-led report which compares one mass-market brand and one niche brand’s current promotional campaign. The report needs to be underpinned by theory and both secondary and primary research which must be explained and justified and presented in a report style document. It must demonstrate understanding of integrated marketing communications.

One mass market (the fashion brand “COS” )and one niche brand (fashion brand “JIL Sander) and analyse their campaigns. The report must use these two brands.

• You may either take each campaign individually or compare/contrast the two.
• This visually-led report should contain original imagery, identification of their potential consumer reach and evidence of research into both competitor campaigns and prior campaigns undertaken to contextualise their current offers.
• Finally, conclude with an informed perspective as to how creative, contemporaneous and successful these campaigns might be in reaching/appealing to their consumer.

The format should look like this (3000 words) :
• Context and Background of Brands.
• Identification of Customer.
• Campaign Overview and Promotional Mix (not just advertising, please). (THIS SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE REPORT)
• Campaign Analysis, including past and competitor campaigns.
• Campaign Distinctive Features.
• Campaign’s wider role as part of an integrated strategy.
• Similarities and differences across the two campaigns.
• Evaluation of campaigns in terms of creativity, contemporaneousness, and success in reaching their customer – both from a research informed perspective (primary and secondary), and your own perspective.

The tutor will look specifically at these factors to evaluate us:

• Detail and clarity of the context and background of brands.
• Detail and clarity of identification of customer.
• Knowledge of campaign overview and promotional mix
• Strength of campaign analysis of past and competitor campaigns.
• Identification of campaign distinctive features.
• Extent of creative approach in layout and presentation of report.
• Evidence of autonomy through evaluation of campaign’s wider role as part of an integrated strategy.
• Clarity of similarities and differences across the two campaigns.
• Evidence of research through evaluation of the campaigns.
• Evidence of self-awareness though evaluation of campaigns from a personal perspective.

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