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Once and Covered Bridges


The movie Once[NA1]  and Covered Bridges are an extract from the love and lost love. It depicts the urge to get the lost love back said very well that one cannot overcome his first love.[NA2]  So, in literature there is a great importance for love and romance. The topic I choose is the Lost love. These words would better explain the topic;

“You can love someone so much…But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.”


The story Covered Bridge has been discussing the life of a divorced lady who want to get a partner who would support her, and the man also needs a partner[NA4] . Similarly, in the movie, there is a married lady who had a daughter and she had to take care of her daughter. She had to do odd jobs so that she can support the family. The girls meet the buy who was a guitarist and the girl had a great command over playing piano (Thomas, Paul Lee. Reading, Learning, Teaching Barbara Kingsolver. Vol. 1).[NA5]  Their common interest brought them together and they fell in love with each other.

The boy wanted the girl to stay with him, talk to him for hours but she had to work so as to earn. Every time she said that she had responsibilities and so cannot spend time with him. They both started singing songs together, which was a great hit. Their voices were supporting each other, and the combo was great. The whole movie was based on love, the closeness and the feelings of being close to each other far away due to the social pressures. The man was handsome, and the girl loved but she was so attached to her daughter and her family and the boy was attached to behind first love that they both had to part ways. The sad moment was that when the big come to say farewell to her, she was at work and could not be reached. The boy sends her piano as a farewell gift which she loves to play (Pikulski, John J., and David J. Chard. 510-519.).)[NA6] . This was a sad end to the most beautifully adorned live story but as they say that

“It is not necessary that you will always get your love, if you find a perfect person, the world will not let the two unite”


This is what happened in the movie, while in the story Covered Bridges, the man and the woman they fall in love with each other and they decide to get married. It was a very loving and romantic story where the things were just perfect. But a twist that came in the end was that the couple decided not to bear the baby as it will be a hurdle between the two and they won’t be able to give the same attention to each other (Spillers, Hortense 293-323.). This was not a very happy ending but an ambiguous one as the family is made after marriage and it is considered as an essential part of the society, In fact, after a certain age, the couples want the babies also (Furstenberg Jr, Frank F., Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, and S. Philip Morgan). [NA7] 

 This was a topic in which versatility was shown and it shows how different situations can be created as per the assumptions of the individuals. The mindset of the people would bring about the twists in the tale as we have seen that a couple decides not to conceive while the others did not get married at all despite having a strong bond of love. The wavelengths of both the couples coincided with each other so well that they would have moved very smoothly with each other in the life ahead, but they did not do so. [NA8] 

The story was written in a very simple diction and the situation was created in which the reader would emerge in the situation and he would not want to get out of the scenario. while the movie was made on a very low budget of 150,000$ only and the editing was not that perfect, many of the people would not like the movie but it is worth mentioning that the music was remarkable, it was originally recorded by the two and the music has gained a lot of appreciation and popularity. Despite all the diction and the low budget, both the reading and the movie gave us the message of love and the story was very clear to comprehend.

In the end, it would be fair to say that the couple had fallen in love with each other and if they did not have any sort of responsibilities, they would have got married to each other but the scenario was very different and will only but they had to part with each other.      The former couple didn’t get married but they could not enjoy the bond to its completeness therefore for me it was a sad end to both the story and the movie. The boy and the girl proved their dedication towards their former loves and they went back to their lives, although the common interest had brought them much close to each other and in this world, it is very difficult to find someone who shares the same interests like that of the other person. 

Once should be either underlined or italicized and “Covered Bridges” should be in quotes. [NA1]

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“Covered Bridges” [NA4]

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Why are you citing this here if this is only plot summarization? [NA6]

I am uncertain as to why you have parenthetical citations in this paragraph.  Also, this paragraph contains a lot of retelling and not a lot of analysis. [NA7]

Be careful! [NA8]

What does “this” refer to here?  Also, the second sentence is confusing.

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