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Older adults and mental health

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Begin your paper with an introduction outlining the contents of your paper. Provide a description of your identified population; provide a description of the key issue; how it impacts your target population, and the nurse’s role in relation to the two components. Finish your paper with further suggestions for future research, and provide a conclusion summarizing key points. A minimum of five journal articles relevant to your topic must support your paper. Please strive to use Canadian references, and within the last 5 years unless using a classic work. Other references such as scholarly websites, government documents/reports may also be used over and above the required journal references to supplement your work. Follow APA style format. Introduction • Provides context (background) to the identified problem on the topic • Highlights the importance of the issue and relevance to nursing practice • Explicitly indicates the purpose and areas paper will cover Conclusion • Summarizes main points of the paper and no new idea introduced • Summary is connected to purpose of the paper • The summary/closing statements are comprehensive and well-articulated • The conclusion includes recommendations for professional nursing practice and further research/consideration Content • Identifies and discusses the population, main population health issue of the topic and role of the nurse related to the issue • Uses paragraph and sub-headings to discuss key ideas • Employs topic sentence (main idea of the paragraph) to introduce paragraphs; supports main idea with evidence, analysis, examples • Discusses the impact of the key issue on the population • Outstanding correlation of the topic to professional nursing practice •

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