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Case 1: Jenna is a 19 yo female with no medical history and no medications other than the Lutera she started 5 weeks ago. Her prescription was written for continuous use so she could skip periods when she wants. She is experiencing some light bleeding, even though she is currently on the white pills, and wants to know if this is normal or if she needs to make an appointment with “a real doctor.”
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Case 2:Case 2 Carl is a 27 yo male who is continuing on Truvada for PrEP with Nurx. His renewal labs returned and showed negative HIV, eGFR 102, positive pharyngeal chlamydia, and all other STIs negative. You’ve renewed his Truvada prescription since his HIV test was negative, but the patient is very concerned about the positive chlamydia result – he’s never had an STI before.
Message Carl here* Case 3 Case 3: Maria is 38 yo female who smokes 1-15 cigarettes per day and reports no medical history. She has requested Ortho-Cyclen. You have counseled her on the risks of combined hormone birth control for women age 35 years or older who smoke cigarettes and recommended a progestin-only pill. She responds that she’s been using Ortho-Cyclen for 15 years and her PCP has always felt it is fine for her to use this pill so she’d prefer to continue it.
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Case 4
Case 4: Sonia is a 22 yo female who has requested Yaz because her dermatologist recommended it to treat acne. The only medical history she reports is migraines with aura.
Case 5. Case 5 Yuki is a 31 yo female requesting to start PrEP ASAP due to unprotected vaginal sex within the past 72 hours with a male partner. She does not know the partner’s HIV status, but she knows he has multiple other sexual partners of all genders. Of note, she does not have a birth control prescription through Nunc.

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