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You work for a representative in congress who is undecided about whether they should support a. expanding the ACA, b. Medicare-For-All, c. repealing Obamacare entirely or d. maintaining the current version of the ACA. They have assigned you the task of collecting the research they will need to make their decision. They want their position to be data and science driven rather than political. To assist you in your task they have given you a basic outline for your research.

1. What should we be trying to achieve? What should be the goals of future healthcare insurance reform? [This part is key and will likely guide your work]?

2. In evaluating the four options, what are the right questions that we need to answer to make an informed decision?

3. What, if anything, can we learn from other advanced nations and their healthcare delivery policies?

4. What role should cost, health outcomes [like longevity and maternal health] and public opinion play in this decision? Explain how each of these factors into your decision.