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Nutritional & Ergogenic Aid Influences on Exercise Physiology and Performance

Paper details:
This will be a written assignment for my advanced Exercise Physiology class regarding nutritional and Ergogenic recommendations for athletes.
For this particular assignment, using Kenney W. L., Wilmore, J., Costill, D. Physiology of Sport and Exercise (7th ed.). Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. 2019,
pick a sport (be specific) and include a short recommendation about how you would prepare this athlete for their competition or event (Pick soccer- striker).
Include a descriiption of their energy system needs, macronutrient needs (dosages, timing, quality etc), potential supplementation needs, as well as an
actionable 3-day sample plan on how these recommendations would be executed as part of a diet plan and relative to training or event times. Finally,
comment on how your plan may require alteration if your athlete was vegan. Must be written in paragraph format (make sure to address the above questions
and support with academic resources), 2-5 pages in length. Double-spaced, 7th edition APA format. The title page and reference list do not count against
page limits. At least 2 peer-reviewed references are required.
I have attached links to relevant videos explaining these topics and other recommended resources to elaborate on the assignment expectations.