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Nursing theory/theorist Multi-genre Project

Purpose: This project will help the student understand, interpret, and synthesize a
nursing theory/philosophy from both a scholarly and creative perspective.

1. Choose a nursing theory/theorist or philosophy/philosopher of interest to you
and your practice of nursing. Remember it must be a nurse.
2. Research the theory/theorist or philosophy/philosopher.
3. Create 2 items from the groups listed below. No more than one item can come
from any one group. You will submit these items electronically. These items need be presented in a professional manner and:
 Depict the core or essence of the theory/philosophy
 Illustrate the major points in the theory/philosophy (including definitions of the four concepts in the nursing metaparadigm, assumptions, propositions, diagrams, nursing roles)
4. These are two separate items. For example if you do a voice-over PowerPoint and put a poem at the end as your second item it will not count as your second item. Do the poem separately.
5. Do not cite your references directly on the items. You will do this in your paper.
6. After you create your items, write a paper (described below) explaining how
each of the items relates to the theory and to nursing practice.

Group 1: Print media Group 2: Visual with
Group 3: Visual
Advice column
Letter to the editor
Magazine article
Newspaper article,
feature story
Magazine cover
Neighborhood flyer
Wanted poster
Scrapbook page
Story board
Group 4: Informational  Group 5: Creative
Group 6: Other
Pro/con list
Diary or journal entry
Short story
Travel journal
 Made by student:
Youtube clip or movie
PowerPoint with voice
Check with instructor if
you have other ideas

The paper is an analysis of the items and should give the reader a deeper
understanding of the theory philosophy.
 Introduction: The introduction should present an overview of the
theory/theorist who was chosen and explain the purpose of the paper. The
introduction must be written in third person.
 Items: In the paper you will analyze each item and explain the content of
each item in relation to the theory/theorist. The discussion of each item
should have its own heading in the paper. The discussion of the two items
should give the reader a good understanding of the theory, its components,
and its relevance to nursing practice. In this discussion you will provide the
references utilized when you created the items.
 Conclusion: The conclusion can include but is not limited to: how learning
about this theorist might impact your nursing practice, how nursing theory is
important to nursing practice, the future of nursing theory in nursing
practice, and/or how this project helped you learn about one particular
 Format: The paper is to be organized by headings. Use skillful language that
consistently communicates meaning to the readers by being clear, fluent, and
virtually free of spelling and grammatical errors. APA format is required for
this formal paper.
 References: The reference list must include a minimum of three peer
reviewed/scholarly resources OR two peer reviewed/scholarly resources plus
two additional resources Note: blogs, twitter, websites, or Wikipedia will be
NOT considered scholarly resources. Resources must be from the last 15
years and relevant to the theory.

Note: Generally APA papers are written in third person. There may be times in this paper when you will be expressing why you chose a certain item. You can use first person in these cases; but the introduction must be written in third person. You should not say, for example, the author chose to do a letter to the editor. You
should say, for example, I chose to do a letter to the editor. Try to limit your use
of first person.

Refer to grading rubric for further details on assignment of points.

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