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Nursing Staffing Model Activity

Using the resources provided in week 7 resources (readings, videos and journal articles), complete the following activities:

1. Discuss the Following Models for Nurse Staffing:

Budget-Based Staffing
Nurse-Patient Ratio
2. List 5 Patient Variables Affecting Staffing Decisions.

3. How are hospital-acquired conditions affected by nurse staffing practices?

4. Complete Case Study #1

5. Complete Case Study #2

Case Study #1:

Select a hospital based department/unit and determine the hours of operation. Assess the master scheduling plan and determine how many RNs are needed to ensure that each shift has 3 RNs present. Assuming that a 36-hour work week (three 12 hour shifts) will equal 1 FTE, convert the required number of registered nurse positions to FTEs. Complete this activity assuming 40-hour work week (five 8 hour shifts) and compare the FTE variance.

How many RNs are needed to ensure that each shift has 3 RNs present?


Case Study #2:

A local acute care hospital is evaluating the medical surgical unit’s staffing and activities productivity. The unit has 35 beds and has accrued 725 patient days in May 2021. Upon further review they determined that 90% of these patients were discharged during the month. In order to effectively staff the unit, please answer the following:

1. What is the volume statistic?

2. What is the capacity statistic?

3. What is the ADC on this unit?

4. What is the percentage of occupancy for May 2021?

5. What is the average length of stay for this unit?