Nursing info

Reflecting upon concepts reviewed on Nursing Informatics, Commuication and Technology, what relevant information will you apply to your practice to ensure easier integration of technology or nursing informatics in day-to-day nursing activities?
Discussion Questions (10% of Course Grade)
Online Discussion Questions (2 DQ Exercises at 5% each for a total 10%)
All students are expected to actively participate in online class discussions. Participation in three (3) online discussions of course content is expected as topics are introduced and applied to assigned readings. Each discussion question posted will be assigned a date by which the student must respond. The aim is to encourage interaction among students and faculty, not simply to present information. Students are required to respond to all discussion questions. Student responses to discussion questions must be substantive. That means, thoughtful, analytical and supported with reference(s) from peer-reviewed journal. The student will be expected to follow APA guidelines for online submissions. The student is held to academic standards of writing style and the use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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