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Log on to Non-Western Art Links on the Web or Art History Resources on the Web to explore non-western artwork. You’re searching for ONE art work from ONE non-Western culture.

Both of these sites have great resources for African art, Chinese art, Indian art, Islamic art, Japanese Art, and art from Southeast Asia and the various Pacific cultures. Browse around and find one work of art that interests you.

Do some research on the work you chose: when was it made? Who made it (if known)? What is the medium (i.e. from what material or materials is this work made)? Is it currently in a museum somewhere? Why was this work made? Does it have some kind of religious or cultural significance? Does the work carry some kind of message, or meaning?

Write a well-developed paragraph about your work of art. Your paragraph should be at least four or five sentences (more if necessary). Next, find a similar work of art from Western culture (i.e., if your non-Western work was a religious statue, find a Western religious statue. Or was it a fertility icon? A work for amusement? A portrait? A landscape painting?). Write a second paragraph comparing the two works. You MUST include the link for the work of art from the Western culture.

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