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  1. Determine the total moment about point A for the force systems shown in Figs. 1.1 and 1.4. 1 3 2
    5kN 3kN 8kN
    Fig. 1.1
    1 1.5 1.5
    2kN 5kN 4kN
    Fig. 1.2
    1 3
    Fig. 1.3
    2.5 1.5
    Fig. 1.4
    Nottingham Trent University 2/2 School of ArchDBE
  2. Determine the magnitude, direction and line of action of the
    resultant for the force systems shown in Figs. 2.1 and 2.4.3
    6kN 2 4kN 4kN (m)
    Fig. 2.1 1.5 1.5 2 3kN 6kN 4kN 4kN (m)
    Fig. 2.2 2 45° 4 10kN (m) 8kN 6kN Fig. 2.3 60° 2 8kN 2 2 8kN 8kN (m)
    Fig. 2.4
    Ans: 1.1 -31kN.m; 1.2 -1kN.m; 1.3 136.4N.m; 1.4 21.1N.m

2.1 -14kN at 2.29m from 6kN
2.2 -9kN at 1.89m from 3kN
2.3 22.2kN at 3.05m from 8kN, θ = -71.4o
2.4 13.7kN at 12.87m from 8kN, θ = 137

Civil Engineering Subject Group

Assessment brief cover sheet for UG courses

Course(s): BSc (Honours) Civil Engineering (Full time)
Module name and code Introduction to Structural Engineering – DESN10046
Assessment number and
Assignment 1: Trusses
Assessment type and
Individual Report (14% of the module)
Module leader Syed Mohyuddin
Module lecturer Fouad Mohammad
Issue date 15-10-2018 Submission date 03-12-2018
Submission format Hard copy submission by 8:45 am in Arkwright 113.
Feedback to be provided

Module learning outcomes being assessed

 Select an appropriate solution strategy and apply it effectively to the
solution of problems in simple statics.
 Classify truss and beam structures as determinate or indeterminate and
describe the differences in behaviour of the two classes.
 Accurately apply an appropriate solution method for the analysis of
determinate truss and beam systems.
 Choose appropriate solutions to relevant numerical problems and solve
problems accurately.
Assessment criteria and weightings (if any):
1- Weighting of Question 1 is 40%
2- Weighting of Question 2 is 50%
3- Weighting for presentations of work is 10%
A grade conversion table is included as part of this assessment brief which
informs you how your marks for the work submitted will be translated to a
corresponding grade on the NTU scale

Nottingham Trent University 2/9 School of ArchDBE

For both questions:
 Excellent presentation of work with no section or part crossed out.
 Each step in the working out of calculations included
 Use of correct units
 Use of allocated questions and values of W, P, a and b
 Inclusion of sketches to support your calculations and as required
within the question.

Nottingham Trent University 3/9 School of ArchDBE
This assignment consists of two questions. You have been allocated the
corresponding tutorial sheet questions for the first question and individual
values for the second question.
Question 1
Provide solutions to the tutorial sheet questions corresponding to the
individual numbers indicated in Table 1.
Table 1. Tutorial sheet questions and corresponding individual numbers for Q1.

Nottingham Trent University 6/9 School of ArchDBE
Question 2
Show that the plane truss illustrated in Fig. Q2 is statically determinate.
Using the values of W, P, a and b indicated in Table 2, find the forces in all
members of the truss and show these on a truss diagram.

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