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New Century Health Clinic

The associates at New Century Health Clinic approved your recommendations for a new computer system.
Your next step is to develop a design for the new system, including output and user interface issues.
To complete the output and user interface design for the new information system at New Century, you should
perform the following tasks and make assumptions as necessary.
Reports Requirements
1.Dr. Jones has asked you to create a monthly Claim Status Summary report. He wants you to include in the
report layout the insurance company number, the patient number and name, the procedure date, the procedure
code and description, the fee, the date the claim was filed, the amount of the claim, the amount of
reimbursement, and the amount remaining unpaid.
2. He wants you to group the data by insurance company number, with subtotals by company and grand totals
for each numeric field. When you design the report, make sure to include a mock-up report and write a short
report analyzing how the information will be gathered and stored.
3. The second report is to design a layout including fields such as the daily appointment list and a monthly
statement to make it readable and visually attractive. Include a mock-up report and a report analysis for each
4. The third report is to determine the data required for a new patient. Design an input source document that
will be used to capture the data and a data entry screen to input the information.
5. What data validation checks would the clinic need for the new patient data entry screen (GUI design)? Write
a brief memo with your recommendations.