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neurological disorders and cognitive perceptual problems in children

neurological disorders and cognitive perceptual problems in children
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Only use scholarly sources dated within the last 5 years. The use of, wikipedia, mayo clinic, etc. will not be accepted and the assignment will receive a zero

course textbook Pediatric Primary Care
Using your course and textbook readings and the University Online Library, perform research on the following:
•Assessment, diagnostic testing, and management of neurological conditions in a pediatric patient
•Differential diagnoses for presentation of symptoms involving the nervous system in pediatric patients
•Assessment and evaluation of cognitive perceptual problems in pediatric patients

After completing your research, consider this scenario pertaining to neurological disorders in pediatrics:

Chloe is a six-month-old female who was born premature at thirty weeks’ gestation. She comes to your office for a well-infant examination. This is her first visit to your rural clinic practice. She was followed up by a neurologist and developmental specialist prior to her family moving to your community.

Chloe’s past medical history is significant because she was premature, stayed in the NICU for a month, and has a grade 2 intraventricular bleed.

The developmental history reveals that Chloe continues to have some poor neck control and has recently been having some staring episodes. She has not had any of her immunizations because her mother is afraid Chloe could become autistic. Chloe feeds poorly and was seeing a speech pathologist and occupational therapist before she relocated.

You, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of her previous medical records to date.

Please address the following questions pertaining to this scenario:
•What do you believe is your best course of action for this appointment?
•What specific assessment tools can you use to guide you in your evaluation?

•What would you expect a normal six-month-old to be doing?

•How long do you have before Chloe should “catch up” developmentally?

•Given Chloe’s history, do you think she will? Why or why not?

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