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Nemo, Dory, and The Meg


Pick one of the choices below, watch the video, and answer the questions that follow in a well thought out,
college-level essay. You probably won’t need much more than a page or two to complete it.
CHOICE 3: The Meg & a thermocline at the bottom of the Mariana Trench:
At 1:39 in this clip, the character says, “this ecosystem is completely cut off from the rest of the ocean by the
freezing cold thermocline…”
1. What is a thermocline? Does this “freezing cold thermocline” comment make sense? Why or why not?
2. If there were a thermocline, would the “freezing cold” water in the movie be above or below where the our
explorers are located? Prior to 1:39, is there anything in the scene that might support your conclusion?
3. Check out this article. (Links to an external site.) Do a little more research (don’t forget to cite your source)
and explain where there IS a thermocline in our ocean. Consider an El Niño situation. Would the thermocline
become deeper or more shallow off of South America during an El Niño?