Native North American art and the Art of Mesoamerica

After you have read the section on South America, Mesoamerica, and North America in your text, select one of the questions below to answer in a five-page essay. In either of these papers, you might find additional sources to supplement your textbook examples.

1.Discuss Inca religious beliefs and how they shaped the layout of Machu Picchu in Inca culture. Compare this to Maya religious beliefs as seen in the architecture of Tikal, OR to the Pre-Aztec religion imprinted in the city plan of Teotihuacan.

2.What is the relationship between native North American art and the art of Mesoamerica? Can we see an exchange of artistic influences between these two neighboring regions? You may focus on one region of North America, or one medium, such as textiles or ceramics, for your answer, and give four examples, two from each culture.

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