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Native Americans- Labor studies

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Compare the textbook you used in high school (or some other textbook approved by Prof. Bensman) with Loewen’s Chapters Three and Four with respect to the way book texts depict native Americans and the encounters between Native Americans and colonists in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When you compare your text with Loewen’s indictment of American history textbooks, consider some of the following questions: Does your text make the mistakes and distortions that Loewen found in many textbooks? Does the text’s portrayal of native-colonist relations show a picture of “the great harm” done by colonists to native Americans or does it portray a more positive picture Does your text make it possible to see American history through native Americans’ eyes, as Loewen argues it should? Write a three page, 750-word paper on your analysis of the three questions

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