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Nationalism and ethnicity after Khomeini by Rasmus Christian Elling

Religious minorities in iran by Eliz Sanasarian
Ethnic Minorities and the politics of Identity in iran by Elling
Politics and culture in contemporary iran ,challenging the status quo.Ed Abbas Milani and Larry Diamond
-iran “Empire of the mind” by Michael Axworthy
-Seeking justice and an end to neglect Iran’s minorities today .
-Discrimination against religious minorities in iran : a report by Fidh in August 2003
-iran:Freedom of religion =treatment of religious and ethnic minorities by the UN Refugee Agency.
-Discrimination against ethnic and religious ,minorities in iran (Fidh) in July 2010 (legalised Discrimination)
-Handbook of Minorities in the Middle East
Paul S Rowe
Balancing identities (10 books )