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NAACP press release

NAACP press releaseFor this assignment, you will summarize the NAACP press release (pages 189-190 in A&B). Then you will write a letter to the editor in response to the press release. It is not necessary to respond to every point in the entire press release—and probably not possible. You may respond to only one point if you wish.
NOTE: Since this is a personal response, you may use “I” in your writing.
Why does the press release use numbers in the way it does?
Why does the press release use certain phrases and terms?
This assignment has two parts: a summary of the article and a strong response. To get full credit for this assignment, you must do three things:
Summarize the press release in 150-175 words. Be sure you present the thesis and the major supporting points.
Write a response to the press release in 200-250 words. In your response, you may agree with one or two points, but you must also show how you “resist” the text by questioning it, or arguing with it or refuting it. It may be helpful to think of your response as a reaction to how the writer was trying to influence your thinking. Pay attention to the words used to name and describe, the details included, and any comparisons made. (The letter-to-the-editor format assumes readers have read the article, so you do not need to summarize it in the letter.)
Correctly use attributive tags in your response to indicate which ideas came from the press release and which are your own.

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