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Musical Concert Analysis: Russ at Red Rock concert on October 28, 2017

Russell Vitale popularly known as Russ is an American artist celebrated for his unique songwriting, rapping, and singing skills. Since he began his career in 2011, the popular rapper has released more than 11 albums consisting of many singles, some of which have managed to rank in the US Billboard Hot 100. Russ is known for his singles “Losin Control,” “What They Want,” and “There’s Really a Wolf” that are considered the best performing singles out of his many albums. Besides his independent work, the artist also engages in collaborations with other rappers such as the Demon Crew. Artists give concerts either to release a new song or just for entertainment purposes. Regardless of the reason for the concert, Russ’ show at Red Rock was both entertaining and enjoyable because it allowed fans to connect with the artist and experience his music from a different point of view.

One of his notable shows in the past was the concert held on October 28, 2017, at Red Rock. The performance at the Red Rock Park and Amphitheater was engaging and attracted more than 10000 fans from different parts of the state. The hyped crowd wanted to witness the release of the new album by Russ titled There’s Really a Wolf. His focus on rap music has enabled him to attract a large crowd most of whom are youths largely attracted to the genre. This correlation explains the high number of young people that were present at the concert.

Russ’ songs are classified under the rap or hip-hop genre. This kind of music gained entry into American society in the 1970s. Besides the great beats that enhance their appeal, rap songs also entail a stylized rhythm that increases the genre’s popularity. The song “There’s Really a Wolf” released at Red Rock concert has synthesized beats that contribute to its high ranking on American Billboard Hot 100. The song has a slow tempo that remains less active throughout the presentation of the song. Moreover, a simple harmony comprising of a 3-chord pattern is observed throughout the music. The rhythmic speech that is chanted by the rapper reveals a more active rhythm that is presented concurrently with a musical beat.

The texture of the rap song is homophonic due to the combination of the rapper’s voice, the melody, and other background accompaniments. The melody is distinguished from the background accompaniment that is a simple chord. As the song progresses, the texture becomes polyphonic; it mainly involves the inclusion of more than one melody occurring at the same time. For instance, Russ sings “Cherry Hill” and introduces additional melodies from the instruments and an accompaniment voice. The texture of the rap song thus changes from homophonic to polyphonic. bringing out a thicker impression.

There’s Really a Wolf album mainly focused on the theme of love, life, and success of the artist. Most of the earlier songs of Russ, including this album, were focused on love and communication of success. The album consists of about five singles that communicate the affections and self-importance of the composer. The rap songs are relatively simple; however, they are more focused on showcasing the persona of Russ. A listener is actually forced to feel the vibe of his arrival and know his personal life by listening to some of his songs. On the other hand, love-oriented songs from the album are presented smoothly to convey the intended atmosphere. The use of suitable lyrics for the identified themes ensures that the rapper reaches the intended audience.

Apart from his unique beats and lyrics, the onstage presence of Russ also attracts a large crowd. The attractive body structure exhibited by the rapper and his distinctive looks makes him stand-out in any concert. The artist has been involved in music and musical concerts since he was 7 years old; as such, his stage presence and interactions with the audience have always been superb and only improved as he gained more experience in the field. The concerts began with a presentation from other artists who sang most of the songs from the There’s Really a Wolf album as well as other singles released by the rapper in the year 2014. When he took to stage, Russ did not only focus on showcasing his unique beats, lyrics, or singing skills he remained interactive throughout the concert. He sang while posing to communicate with the audience. His talks were mostly on relationships, the events of the world, and general issues affecting people in life. Talking to the audience frankly enhanced the rapper’s emotional attachment with the audience. He acknowledges the feelings he develops when he sees people cheering and shouting, “I love you Russ.” Yet, he does not know them. His interactive nature during the concert improves his ability to connect and have control of the huge crowd that attended the concert.   `    

The performance of Russ at Red Rock was the first live concert of the artist that I attended. I was not only amused by the large crowd that turned up but was also charmed by their enthusiasm to watch the concert. I have always liked the album and listen to it several times. However, having the first-hand experience with the singer was something I have always desired to try. I am fascinated by the songs in the album There’s Really a Wolf. Despite the unconcerned beginning portrayed in the song, it culminates into heavy-slow beats in the subsequent songs that mostly focus on the theme of love. These compositions are my favorite, and the fact that the artist has managed to maintain 100% originality in his songs makes them more attractive to a wide range of audiences. As much as people may argue that the artist has focused most of his singles in communicating his successes and achievements, I tend to think there is a lot of positivity in his action other than the drawbacks that the people see. It is not simply an arrogant act. To me, basing his work on a personal theme gives an opportunity for the fans to have a better understanding of his life and activities. Besides having adequate knowledge of the artist, the information can be essential in motivating others to work towards the accomplishment of their goals.

Even though Russ may have failed in some aspects of management, the quality of his music, both in reference to the lyrics and his presentation, justifies the large crowd that he commands as well as the high ranks of There’s Really a Wolf. He fully deserves the widespread critical and financial success his music has received in the recent past. Attending the concert at Red rock was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that allowed me to connect better with the artist and experience his music anew.

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