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Musical Artist Final Paper

Musical Artist Final Paper
Pick an artist from the list below.
Artist Genre
Louis Armstrong Jazz | Scat
Bob Dylan Folk
Bob Seger Rock
Jimmy Buffett Folk
Pick one of the artists above. Thoroughly research your subject and present a detailed history that
includes all of the important biographical and career information, their important recordings, and any
awards or other accomplishments (personally, socially, and musical).
Include a discussion about the music that influenced your chosen artist any social issues, movements, or
trends that have been a factor in their careers.
Criteria Achievement Level
Assigned Topic
(20% Weighting)
20 percent
Student covered a topic as stated in the project description or approved by the instructor.
Topic Information
(40% Weighting)
40 percent
Student has provided substantial and thorough
information on their subject and has met all of the parameters of the project.
Sentence Structure
(5% Weighting)
5 percent
All sentences are well constructed with varied structure.
& Spelling
(5% Weighting)
5 percent
Author makes no errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling that distracts the reader
from the content.
Project Format
(5% Weighting)
5 percent
Student has used APA format and has submitted a paper of four or more double-spaced
pages in length – not including the title page and reference page.
Overall Content
(25% Weighting)
25 percent
Student has gone beyond the basic criteria of the assignment.

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