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Music Extra Credit essay

Music Extra Credit essay
The purpose of this extra credit is for you to consider the concepts of “American” music that we have discussed this semester and apply them to a recent piece of American music.


Write an essay:

– 350 words minimum/ 500 words maximum (must fit on one side of a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper–NO FOLDERS just a single sheet)

– Word-processed (not handwritten) single-spaced 12-point font
– Put your name on it

1. Must be about a musical work written and performed by American(s) AFTER the year 2000.

2. In your essay, discuss the following, in this order:

Brief Introduction:
– Background about the piece (date, composer, performer, what category of music this piece represents)
– Briefly say why you chose this particular work

Main Body
– What traits about this work are “American”? (What “American” values is this work promoting?)

– What did you learn about the artist(s) and about American music from researching and writing this paper?

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