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Museum Review-Art

Museum Review-Art

Paper details:

I have attached two pieces of art work, Class instructions and a copy of sample of instructor looking for.
here are words professor is looking to see on paper: Visual vocabulary

The style of a work of art, from illusionistic to abstract, from representational to non-objective; from idealized to veristic.

The use of line (including shape and texture), light, space, and color (known as the visual elements).

The use of unity and variety, balance, rhythm and repetition, time and motion, emphasis and focal point, scale and proportion, and contrast (known as the principles of design).
• Media — what it’s made of, the way it’s made
• Concept — the idea or feeling behind the art; the message
• Context — what’s going on in the life of the artist, his/her times, the culture, etc. that affects the work

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