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Mulyinational Management

Mulyinational Management
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1. What factors do you think are responsible for Africa’s slow economic development? What can the multinationals do to help?
2. The gradual demise of communism has become obvious within the past two decades. Write a brief summary of the implications of transitions to capitalism that formerly communist countries may be experiencing. What kinds of socio-economic challenges do you think multinationals face in those countries?
3. Access the Transparency International website and look for Corruption Perception Index of two (2) countries located in different continents of the world. Conduct research on the impact of unethical business practices in the selected countries. In summarizing your research, include implications for multinational management in addressing the phenomena.
4. When should you use ethical relativism, and when should you use ethical universalism? What are problems of each? As a multinational manager, what should you do to eliminate or reduce the problems?

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