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Multinational corporation or global corporation ethical or unethical practices

1. Provide background information on the company’s operations, products and services, and countries where
they do business.
2. Explain and provide details on the company’s vendor and supplier relationships, and other policies and
procedures related to conducting business in an international environment.
3. Describe the company’s ethical organizational climate, specifically ethical code of conduct, ethics or
compliance office, process on conducting ethical audits and process for investigating ethical breaches.
4. Explain in detail how the company addresses the following aspects of international business in an ethical or
unethical manner. While addressing each component, provide examples of policies and procedures, practices,
challenges, unfavorable behavior or steps to correct the situation:
Working standards and conditions
Workers’ rights
Child labor laws
Human rights violations
Political arena
Bribery and corruption in the global business environment
Format Guidelines for Global Business Ethics Paper
-Times new roman font size 12
-Essay format and doubled spaced
-APA format (In-text citations and References)
-Cover page
-Major Headings for each section in the case or paper
-Body (APA in-text citations)