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Mrs Warren’s Profession Essay

In George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs Warren’s Profession, Vivie and Mrs Warren both make different choices in their lives. In your essay, and using specific examples from the text, explain who you think is most justified in the choice she has made and why. You might think about the politics of the time as evidence for your argument. You should discuss why the character makes the choice she does and then carefully choose evidence as for why this choice is the only solution. This will require you to decide what is ethical or not. You will need to explain why the character made the best decision. Do not assume that the reader knows what is in your head or necessarily agrees with your argument. What counts is that you use your evidence well and explain it carefully, thoroughly, and logically.

Things to watch out for: 

Try to avoid writing in sweeping generalizations about the poems you choose, and the over use of cliché language or words that don’t say a lot.

Technical Stuff: Your response should be 4 – 5 pages in length (see above requirements for the creative option). (Please note this does not mean 3 ½), typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, with page numbers, and stapled. You must use a font that is no more than 12 point. I will take into account the general level of prose, thematic sophistication, and grammatical correctness of your paper in calculating your grade. While you may choose to make either straightforward or highly complex arguments, your writing should be logically coherent.

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