List movies directed by one of the movie actors (i.e. director is also one of the movie actors). Show movie title and the director.
Q2 List movies in which Kevin Spacey was an actor. Show movie title, director, and genre.
Q3 Which movies are playing in Cinema Paris on 23 October 2018? List movie title and the corresponding session dates and times.

Q4 Where is the movie “American Beauty” playing? Give the cinemas where the movie “American Beauty” is playing; show session times and dates.
Q5 Which reviewer gave the lowest review score for the movie American Beauty? Show the reviewer and the score.

Q6 List movies that are playing in multiple cinemas on the same date. Show movie title, cinema name and session date. Order the output by movie title, session date and cinema name.
Q7 Are there any movies currently not scheduled to play, i.e. not included in the event listing? Show movie title and director.
Q8 List actors that acted in multiple movies, Show movie title and the actor.
Q9 Which movie has the highest average reviewer score? Show the movie title and the average reviewer score.
Q10 Which actor has acted in the highest number of movies. Show the actor and the number of movies the actor acted in.

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