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MoutaineersForever Company

You are working for the consulting company, MoutaineersForever. Your company is asked to bid on ONE of three contracts (see list below).

Give a technical overview of how you propose your company would tackle this mapping project. Do not pad your answer, but provide as much detail as possible regarding all aspects of the project. Be sure to address the following technical aspects:
i. data to be used, and the relevant characteristics of that data,
ii. equipment needed (including software),
iii. proposed analytical methods (e.g. image enhancement, classification, etc),
iv. presentation of results, and
iv. accuracy evaluation.

The three possible bids are for:
a.Map urban change in the Morgantown region between 2008 and 2018
b.Prospect for gold associated with hydrothermal alteration in Nevada
c.Map mountaintop removal mining in Southern West Virginia between 1978 and 2018.

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Evaluating Each Author’s Argument

IMPORTANT:  this paper is about evaluating each author’s argument!! This paper is not about summarizing those three articles. You should make your own argument. Using evident or reasons to support your argument! 

• There should be an introductory paragraph. In the introductory paragraph:
Include the authors’ names and titles of their works in your introduction, along with a clearly stated and fully developed thesis: one that explicitly states which author(s) you find most convincing.

• There should be a conclusion paragraph at the end of the paper. In the conclusion paragraph:
Conclude your paper with your own assessment regarding the impact of industrialization on the American worker. You should use “I” in the conclusion paragraph to state your own thoughts. (Not about summary! State your own thoughts!!)

• Here are some topics/themes you can used to structure the paper:

  • Ways
  • Standard living
  • Working conditions
  • Hours
  • Child labor
  • Machinery

• Different authors use different sources in their article:

  • Dubofsky: Data, Statistics, Quantitative evidents (He uses empirical sources)
  • Blackmon: Firsthand accounts, testimonials
  • Dilorenzo: Qualitative, emotional, ideological, conceptual, theoretical

• Also, this kind of sentence would work well on my paper when you are evaluating different author’s works(or even use in the thesis) :
Although X presents… , it not as strong as the other two authors.
Y argues more persuasively using…
Z argues most persuasively …

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