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Motivational Psychology

Locate a motivational psychology article of interest published between 2012 and 2020 from an academic journal of your choosing
Provide the reference to the article in APA Style (see (Links to an external site.)).
What is the purpose of the article and how or why is the study important and/or relevant to motivational psychology (broadly)?
What are the main study hypotheses and/or research questions?
What sample was used and how was the sample obtained?
What were the key independent and dependent variables in the study?
How can the overall study be described in terms of research design (i.e., descriptive, observational, correlational, quasi-experimental, experimental)?
What were the key findings for each hypothesis or research question?
Were findings significant, non-significant?
What was the magnitude or strength of significant findings?
Were any additional results obtained that were unexpected or contrary to the hypotheses or research questions?